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Handling Hair Loss in Men

The reasons for hair loss can vary initially. The main problem of patterned baldness in men is caused by a testosterone derivative compound called dihydrotestosterone and its effect on hair follicles. Baldness is caused by a condition called alopecia areata which comes from the body’s own immune system which attacks the hair follicles. To handle a specific case and most likely regrow hair, the doctor must first determine the cause of hair loss. You can visit our website to get the best laser hair growth device.

The doctor will likely conduct a panel to test for severe vitamin deficiencies that can be responsible for this as well. For example, severe zinc deficiency or vitamin D deficiency can cause hair loss; however, you still need to consult a doctor to determine the true cause of hair loss before self-diagnosis and starting a commercial vitamin regimen.

After your doctor has done several tests to reveal the source of your hair loss, treatment options can be as simple as over-the-counter or prescription pills that can stop hair loss and in many cases regrow hair. If your doctor suspects that hair loss is caused by vitamin deficiencies, such as zinc, zinc supplements often reverse this process and cause hair to regrow in normal amounts.



In addition to oral medicines, doctors can discuss topical medicines. The most common topical drug proposal is minoxidil (Rogaine and its generics). Minoxidil is another option for DHT-related hair loss, and most commonly minoxidil requires an application to the scalp twice a day. When applied to hair loss at an early stage, minoxidil can not only stop hair loss but often stimulates hair growth again. One drawback of minoxidil is that it requires strict adherence to the application of the regimen. When minoxidil stops being used, as a result, the hair that grows back will fall out.

You can also discuss treatment through surgery. Hair transplant technology has developed rapidly, and doctors can discuss this option with you such as a permanent solution that does not require daily medication. The doctor will do a test to find areas of the scalp that are not affected by DHT, and a small portion of these hair follicles can be directed to the affected scalp area. Although it offers a permanent solution, hair transplant surgery is the most expensive option, often requiring several procedures to wait for hair to grow thick again over time. Hair grafting is also the most common method for regrowing hair in those who experience baldness on the part of the burn or other injuries that damage the original hair follicles.

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